One-Stop Services

One-Stop Services

"If only we could print and distribute our catalogs locally in Japan."
"We want to expand our website to include multiple languages."

ALAYA Europe can make such things happen for you.
Our services can generate significant advantages with respect to both speed and cost.

One-stop translation
and printing services

Alaya provides one-stop services covering the entire process from the ordering of translation to the delivery of printed materials. By collaborating with a Japanese printing company with extensive experience in the field of multiple-language printing, we can deliver high-quality printed materials to the Asian countries and cities where you need them. This will accelerate your overall operation processes in addition to greatly cutting the cost of overseas delivery from Europe.

One-stop website
production and translation

ALAYA's one-stop services can provide you with support for websites as well as printed materials. Our comprehensive services cover the production of original content, translation of that content into the desired languages, and the design of a site utilizing multiple languages. Our professional writers can prepare requested content, or we can of course provide translation services for sites that already exist.

  1. ALAYA created a Japanese-language website with a one-stop project covering everything from start-up to content production for a Japanese automobile-sales company in Germany.
  2. Using the Japanese-language website as a base, ALAYA translated content for a Japanese trading company in Germany into English, German, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Korean.

Please feel free to discuss your needs with us. There is no charge for consultations or estimates.